Recently our Team was part of an amazing cooperation with other colleagues from Germany to create a project for the #WirVsVirus hackathon. WirVsVirus team created a page for each project where we had to post updates and the final video and links of our app:

Currently the solution is available here:


The problem: The supply of food breaks through the isolation of people. Our goal is to limit the gathering of people in supermarkets as much as possible. Further chains of infection are to be broken.

The challenge

People like to help. Especially their families, friends and acquaintances. If it weren’t for the fear problem. “Fear eat soul up” – this also applies to Covid-19. And that is why – in our sad assumption – fewer and fewer people will be willing to take any risks for their fellow men in the future. But we all have to eat, and that’s why we have to shop at some point.

That is why we want to develop an application that reduces the risk of bringing something with you to almost zero . And this is how it works:

Do you also need something from my list? **

I go shopping and have no problem for my neighbors to bring something that I also need anyway . As long as there are no spending restrictions, I can just pack two pasta instead of one. My neighbor stays safely at home.

Keep the inhibition threshold low

I don’t want to queue up longer than necessary and I don’t want to collect special requests (caviar, face cream from the brand XY for sensitive skin) from my neighbors. Therefore, we limit ourselves to everything that is on my shopping list.

Hands on the project

The project was a great way to cooperate, learn, speak to new people, give us support in these difficult times created by COVID-19 situation.

Tech stack used

When it comes to develop fast, you can’t be picky, the less code you can write, the better it is, that’s why we decided to go with:

  • Ionic React is native React version of Ionic Framework, the free, open source SDK powering millions of mission-critical apps all over the world. It’s everything you need to ship award-winning apps for any platform, with React.
  • MobX: a battle tested library that makes state management simple and scalable by transparently applying functional reactive programming (TFRP). The philosophy behind MobX is very simple: Anything that can be derived from the application state, should be derived. Automatically.
  • Serverless (Firebase): is Google’s mobile platform that helps you quickly develop high-quality apps in a matter of minutes!
  • Cloud Functions for Firebase: let you automatically run backend code in response to events triggered by Firebase features and HTTPS requests. Your code is stored in Google’s cloud and runs in a managed environment.

Our role was creating the UI of the application with Ionic framework and participating in discussions with the other team members to bring the best solutions to the table in the less time possible.

We laid out everything and started working with Github Issues, and Projects which by the way were great alternative to Jira Kanban boards.

Some screenshots

The video submitted (DE)

The Team

  • Oliver Jägle (DE): Ideator, Hacker, Mediator. Doing everything what needs to be done.
  • Joachim Schirrmacher (DE): Defined the API, E2E Tests, and working on the Ionic/React Frontend
  • Kumar Utsav Anand (IN): Working with Firebase, Firebase Functions, Google Cloud and GoLang.
  • Steffi Kunze (DE): Supporting with the videos, twitter, landing page.
  • Gregor Wolf (DE): Supporting with the Frontend side of the app with Ionic Framework.
  • Michael Kruppa (DE): Supporting with the landing page.
  • Victor Antonio Barzana Crespo (ES): Working on the Frontend side with Ionic Framework and React.
  • Marcos Antonio Gonzalez Huerta: Support designing the login and shopping views with Ionic Framework + React.


In my personal opinion it was a fantastic cooperation, we got to meet people from all over the world and thus, work together with all of them. With the experience that we take from this, for the next time we need:

  • More Frontend developers
  • Define the Models very clear from the beginning so all stakeholders are informed of what they are going to deal with ahead of time.
  • All hands from the first day.

The app is a bit buggy here and there, also if you download it and you don’t have a Firebase app it won’t work locally.

The more important from all aspects is that we got to work together with these talented group of people for a first class challenge and we submitted something that is partly running. If we have had more time this could have been a great application. Actually as the problem is a real problem that affects the humanity I would like to continue supporting the team in my spare time to finish this app and publish it to the app store + a PWA web version of it.

To be continued…

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