It’s not just me, companies still don’t realize that the on-site hiring mindset may be affecting their performance. Below I quote phrases I used to hear when I was looking for a job which luckily I don’t do anymore:

[…]I apologize, this role is on-site based only[…]

[…]Unfortunately we do require relocation[…]

Finding the talents locally vs internationally

Nowadays is pretty hard to find Senior Software Engineers that are affordable, near your organization, well educated people, working with the best practices and techniques of the Software market, …

Not all companies can afford to hire a complete team of Software Experts. This increases costs exponentially, burns out your budget quickly and the time passes until you write your first test case. You spend lots of money on relocation packages, insurances, and many other hidden costs to ensure that your Team is ready to take off building your challenge. THIS IS THE REALITY!

As I already mentioned in my previous blog post: Coronavirus outbreak brings an exponential increase in remote work for 2020, the future of Software Development is gonna be based in outsourcing, remote software engineers, highly skilled freelancers. Building a trustworthy relationship with software providers that can take the weight of creating and maintaining the software solutions off of your shoulders and hence, offering a reliable and high performance product.

Foreseeing the upcoming future, Codegenio today invests lots of resources, time and money into having a specialized sub-teams that can cover most of the Software Development areas that any sized Enterprise Application needs, from a very basic to a very complex implementation logic.

Our company started back on October 2019 with a very small Team of Senior Software Engineers. Today we have grown to nearly 7 employees working in Software Development Stacks where they are experts for many years and capable to deliver software in the less time possible.

Almost 24 hours development time per day, who beats that?

It’s unbelievable how fast my CV repo has grown with outstanding Senior Software Engineers that are waiting in the queue for our next active project. Our Team is internationally located in Cuba, Ecuador, Uruguay, Germany and Spain (Headquarter), allowing us to work almost 24 hours per day. For this we ensure to locate at least one or two developers of multiple areas per team, so we can guarantee almost full-time support and development time.

Our Team Sync up meetings and daily stand ups are made in between 16:00 and 18:00 CEST because it happens to be morning in America.

Stacks Codegenio’s sub-teams are experts in

JavaScript & ES6+Node.js, Express, Sails, NestJS, React/Angular/Vue, GraphQL, MongoDB, AWS, Microservices, Microfrontends. For big enterprise apps, we can also give support with ExtJS Applications.
Java, Oracle, Enterprise ApplicationsDevOps, Git, Java 9–14, Spring Framework, Unit testing, RESTful Web Service, Spring Security, Spring Boot. Our Engineers have years of experience with Java programming language, Java Frameworks, Spring, JSF, Hibernate, OOP, and much more. If you are looking for Java Web or Java Desktop development, here is your Team.
Software Architecture, Integration & MicroservicesWe have experts in Integration with mastery of Microservices/SOA architecture. By using tools like Apache Camel for the orchestration of services. In addition to Spring-Boot for the development of Microservices. Based on monitoring and log management with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana solutions.
WebSite & E-Commerce developmentOur Team has the best engineers able to create a complete website/online store within hours (depending on your requirements). PHP with the latest frameworks and technologies (WordPress + WooCommerce, Prestashop, Shopify. We can create your theme completely from scratch and we can make it look as beautiful, animated as you wish. Bringing your own SaaS idea? We also have completely configured WordPress to have a complete plan-based permissions system.
.Net, C#, ASPWeb Applications with ASP .NET core, Xamarin, Mobile Applications with Android, iOS, Windows Phone. REST API implementations based on web API. Desktop Applications with WPF. Our Engineers are experts in Telerik, Devexpress. C# as main Object Oriented Programming language.

Table #1: Technologies & Frameworks that Codegenio’s Engineers have years of experience with


The near future only brings uncertainty, less travel, people not willing to relocate, companies going out of the market due to not being able to hold the crisis created by COVID-19. An alternative to this is to TRUST and outsource to a responsible team of experienced Developers.

By outsourcing all your projects to companies like Codegenio, you will improve your performance to a 200% due to having an expert team fully focused on your project, working almost 24 hours per day.

If you are looking for experienced Software Engineers (10+ years) that you can rely on. Codegenio can offer you affordable prices compared to the market actual prices. We have a large portfolio with some international customers we have worked before.
We focus in the development from scratch to Enterprise Application, a Website, we have one of the best prices in the market working with customers of EU.

Stay safe and like always, thank you for stepping by and reading…

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