Codegenio provides assistance for you to make use of our products or services. Our goal is to help you solve problems by providing content and technical support. Below you can find more detailed information about these services.

Content support

Once the development of a website or desktop application is completed, our company offers services that will allow you to keep your application updated or make improvements that will generate a competitive advantage and respond to the needs of your customers.
We also provide this support for websites that have not been developed by Codegenio once they have been analyzed and accepted.

Technical support

Our technical support is oriented to cover the resolution of problems and any other technical aspect so that you can have your system or web application available 24 hours a day. This support can include:

  • Immediate incident resolution: for any incident or request of any kind, you will have technical assistance via e-mail or telephone to solve your problems.
  • Periodic maintenance of the system or web application: we carry out the appropriate maintenance of the systems or web applications to guarantee their correct operation. Maintenance promotes prevention, risk reduction and quality.
  • Backups of your website, mail and settings: hardware and software errors, human failure (accidental deletion, file replacement), viruses, hackers, are some possible causes of loss of information from your website from which no one is exempt. With the basic maintenance you will have the security of having six-monthly backups of your website, along with all your mail, passwords, data, etc., all managed from our server.

If you wish to hire any of our services or simply make an enquiry then do not hesitate to contact us.