🚀An overview of 2019 @ Codegenio

In my experience as Software Engineer in companies I have worked for before, one of the factors that often affects the development of any product or the success of the company is a bad treatment of employees. Some companies would treat you as a machine or simply as a “human resource” but without really giving you the value you really deserve. Another factor that may affect the successful development of a company could be the constant competence among workers trying to reach the top of the pyramid, often breaking links among work colleagues, which is the energy that holds the base of that pyramid. Throughout my career I have seen many good and bad examples of what to do and what not to do when trying to lead a Team of Engineers. Often a bad leader does not achieve deadlines in time, would not earn the trust of his team and would obviously fail to deliver in time. Another error that I see often is that too many stars shining together can dazzle a whole team.

At Codegenio we ensure that throughout our Team there is a code of conduct and this needs to be well respected by all team members, ingredients like “enthusiasm, perseverance, TEAMWORK, LOVE” are always in our dishes.

2019 has been a fantastic year because after many years a team of developers that took different paths crosses again in one big intersection. Yes, Codegenio is an intersection of good people that respect eachother, and came up to once “again” bring good practices, great teamwork, cooperation, learning together just like we did at the university. This has been undoubtedly a year full of joy, challenges and success for our team being able to complete 1 project and work in two more making our customers happy and our team shine.

⛵ Sailing forward in 2020  

Even though we took off this year, we have to stick together and ensure that we can deliver to more and more customers in 2020, our team is out there writing articles, learning, teaching, and preparing for our next “one year sprint”, with the proper mindset, a happy team, and the right tools we are here to support our customers and focus only on their final solutions. It is better to have 3 happy customers than 300 upset ones. Our goal for this year is mainly to be more solid, to hire a few more good guys and keep rocking enterprises infrastructures.

With a very fast moving IT infrastructure, 100 of different technologies show up every day, we want to make sure that we are up to date with all of them as well as preparing our own little tricks to make our development faster, re-usability at first and enlarge our stack of already existing solutions. Our portfolio is already growing at 150% and we want to keep it that way.

🎄 We wish you merry Christmas and happy new year!

I want to say a special “Thank You” to all our Team Colleagues, especially to Guelmis, to Marcos and Dariel for their huuuuuuge contribution this year, to all our customers and to our partner Simon Milz from Germany, Codegenio would have been nothing without all of you!

From the deepest of our hearts, we wish to all our Customers, Team Members and people out there a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2020. Be grateful for whatever you have in any side of the world, It’s time to enjoy, love our families, and rest to start the new year with lot of power, good vibes and positivism. See you on 2020 which by the way is 2 times 20, I am sure this means something.  

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