Yes, you heard it right, we are learning new technologies, updating our knowledge, having active discussions and webinars to keep up to date while we prepare for our next big project.

In this post I will walk you through our Team’s success during the COVID-19 situation.


While Codegenio struggles with difficult times because of COVID-19 and because our customers were mostly from the tourism sector, we have had to adapt to new fields. Simply because we won’t give up, this is not a time for complaining, but for finding new alternatives. So, what have we done in order to overcome this situation?

  • Study, study, study!
  • Participate in Hackathons
  • Meetups about Microservices architecture
  • Preparing our Team members depending on their particular role

We are up to study

Our Team started studying since March 2020, yes we have invested big % of our capital gained until now in learning platforms so that we come back stronger during and after the COVID-19 crisis. We of course learn different paths because everybody does not have the same skills and role.

Some of our Team members are studying MongoDB, GraphQL, React, AWS and many more technologies, reading blog posts, writing articles, giving support, sharing knowledge.

The best way to say is to do

Codegenio’s Microservices architecture meetup (April 18th, 2020)

One of the strategies we came up with to speed up the learning path is introducing meetups. On April 18th, 2020, our Team joined together with some of the strongest engineers graduated from our University that nowadays work for big companies around the world.
We organized a discussion about microservices architecture and why having a big monolithic app is a bad idea and practice. Here we learned a lot about technologies we didn’t even know existed, it is really interesting to share knowledge because it saves you months of study that somebody already had learned.

Sharing experiences with our international community was the best. I am happy to have invited powerful Senior Software Engineers from our same university that graduated on 2012.

Although there are many ways to achieve Microservices architecture, we found pretty interesting the way Rolando does it, now keep in mind that this is only about Backend microservices, there is still one pending conversation about Microfrontends architecture.

Server side Microservices architecture discussed by Codegenio’s Team on April 2020

Dariel mastering MongoDB and GraphQL

Our Backend Senior Software Engineer Dariel is focusing on learning as much as he can from MongoDB, AWS DynamoDB, GraphQL and many other server-side Database technologies. Some of the courses he has taken so far have been also related to TypeORM, NestJS, MongoDB Expert, GraphQL among others. You can follow Dariel on LinkedIn.

Since his beginning working at Codegenio on October 2019, Dariel has just grown his CV exponentially. He started as a Backend Software Engineer and today he has many experiences to tell. Dariel has written many blog posts, increased his expertise in multiple programming languages and more importantly he has done a wonderful job at Codegenio.

Recently Dariel finished a course of advanced MongoDB with JavaScript where he improved his knowledge about JavaScript, MongoDB Driver, Scaling and Clustering big databases, improving performance and many other features of MongoDB. Please see below the certificate of completion of his course.

Dariel’s certificate of completion of MongoDB for Javascript Developers course on April 2020

Our Team is mastering React

Yes, you heard it right, we are going to be among the world’s best 10% of React developers.
Now, this is a course you don’t want to miss if you want to stay up to date with the latest trends, best practices in React (up to date 2020):

Although our React level is good, we wanted to move forward and see what other people is doing, what are the best practices and what’s new in 2020.

React Zero to Mastery course in Udemy 2020

Our Team has invested in having all our Team to pass this wonderful course imparted by Yihua Shang and Andrei Neagoie, two fantastic Senior Software Engineers and teachers.

Project monsters RoloDex

Throughout the course we get to build really cool apps and of course I always end up doing my own versions of them 🙂 it’s always fun to not always stick to the plan.

React demo app that we get to create when the course starts

Project online React store fully integrated with Stripe

This is a project where we get to fully understand how Redux, React, Stripe work. Architect a clear component folder structure and build many other skills.

By the end of the course our team will have a pretty high level of React allowing us to consider ourselves as Master in React or at least among the best 10% of the world’s react developers.

What’s next?

We will keep you up to date with the next upcoming events from our Team, we are organizing something big for the community in order to share knowledge and learn from the best. We are preparing a set of meetups/events at Codegenio that are intended to gather our team together in a live Zoom session where we discuss about the latest trends and technologies in the market. Something we are looking forward to have joined as many developers as possible from all around the globe.

A lot more coming, stay in touch and once again, thank you for stepping by our blog and reading our content. Stay safe and looking forward to meet you soon.

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