What is Codegenio?

Codegenio is a full-service software development company composed by different small teams of talented Software Engineers. Each one of us has at least seven years of experience working for a handful of software companies out there like NVIDIA, Schmetterling GmbH.

Since the university we have worked with cutting edge technologies, participating in events and winning at university level which definitely created a very strong base in most of us which today qualifies us to take big challenges and achieve them.

How can we help your company?

We take every customer request very serious, if you have a new Web Application in mind that requires complex logic, dashboards, SaaS, Data Structures, good performance, 0 downtime, scalability, online payments, 3rd party APIs integrations, and many other features, don’t hestitate in contacting us.

Our Team also can support your company with other services like Consultancy and Trainings.

How do we work?

Our team uses Atlassian tools like Jira and Confluence to document every step of the way. The development process starts by carefully extracting the requirements from the customer and documenting every requirement in Confluence. Next we plan and design the solution carefully, specify every requirement and give a clear estimation. In this step we also find out which technology we are going to use and communicate all this to the customer as well as any other doubts the customer may have.

Going agile!

Controlling the tasks with Jira software allows our Project Manager Guelmis to ensure that our Team is performing properly and communicates with the customers via Email or directly by phone call.

Our Team is distributed around the world, so we have a very quick daily stand up meeting every morning to ensure that everybody explains the status of their tasks and what is the plan for the day.

Code Review and coding standards

Best practices make the best software, we follow Airbnb coding standards for all our JavaScript projects because this is one of the best and cleanest coding standards out there. Every new feature, fix or customer request is not directly pushed to the master, but instead, carefully reviewed by the whole Team to ensure that the quality of the code is the best and meets all the standards. This way, our team learn from each other and improves the speed, avoids errors and we learn in parallel, ensuring that the code delivered is the best.


We work in intervals of 2 week sprints where we learn, reuse, implement, test, code review and deploy a solution until it is PRD ready.

 Every sprint has a goal and can be fully monitored in Jira software.


Prices may depend on size of a project, duration, complexity, etc. Please send us an email or give us a call, you can also click the following link:

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