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We are a team of qualified Software Engineers with a demonstrated experience. Our main focus is to create and maintain Enterprise Software Applications. Also we offer training and software consultancy packages for Companies. Our stack is expanding quickly, currently we can take projects in JavaScript, Nodejs, Express, Sails, React, Extjs/Sencha, PHP, Laravel, Symfony and the complete life-cycle of Software Development.

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Our Team has been taking web challenges for years, some of our engineers have worked for companies like NVIDIA and one of the biggest tourism software providers in Germany, Schmetterling GmbH, Typisch Touristik GmbH, among others. The advantage of hiring our team, rather than a freelancer is that you get a complete Team of engineers fully focused on your business working for your enterprise, rather than just one person that may be working in many things at the time.

Our Stack

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Web Development

With our experts we plan your complete web application, from scratch until is a production ready web app. Features like scalability, 0-downtime will be available by default.

Mobile Development

We build and deploy cross-platform mobile apps using Ionic Framework. Also we have specialized Swift Developers to take care of your iOS apps.

Java Development

Our Engineers have years of experience with Java programming language, Java Frameworks, Spring, JSF, Hibernate, OOP, and much more. If you are looking for Java Web or Java Desktop development, here is your Team.

Integration & Microservices

We have experts in Integration with mastery of Microservices/SOA architecture. By using tools like Apache Camel for the orchestration of services. In addition to Spring-Boot for the development of Microservices. Based on monitoring and log management with Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana solutions.

Database management

We are good designing/creating relational or document databases. At Codegenio we pick the right DBMS that goes with your  project needs.

Support & Consultancy

Talk to an expert about any technology you want. We help you build your stack, technological and content support. We also provide support for applications that you already own, prior valuation.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Come to us if you are looking for PPC campaigns, social media marketing, google business and map listings, advanced web analytics, content strategy, email marketing, targeted link building, paid search advertising in Google adwords and Microsoft adCenter.

Recent work


Supporting  Reaq Immobilien GmbH company with the development of an app to automate their most important business model, “Acquiring properties, storing information about house owners, reporting and much more” in close cooperation with Milzer Solutions.

NodeJs, Sails.js, MongoDB, ExtJS, Cloudinary, Google Maps API, Google Place Search API, Heroku.

Typisch Touristik Cloud Platform

Supporting Typisch Touristik company with the development of their Touristic Cloud management software and their responsive

Internet Booking Engine.
High complexity touristic cloud (SaaS).
Stateless app with 0 Downtime
API implementation and integration
Oauth, Stripe integration
Hosted with Heroku

Koranatura Earrings

Online shop with Prestashop where people can buy Earrings from our customer Koranatura.

Behind the Scenes

Marcos González

Marcos González

Senior Software Engineer (Full Stack)

Enthusiastic Software Engineer with more than 10 years of experience in the field. Marcos best skills are JavaScript, React, Angular, Ionic Framework, ExtJS, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Lambda, AWS, among others.

Previously worked at:

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Dariel Noa

Dariel Noa

Database/Backend Engineer

Experienced Software Engineer, since 2010 has been working with Java, JavaScript, WebSockets, ExtJS, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, among others.

Previously worked at:

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Guelmis Martínez

Guelmis Martínez

Team Leader & Software Engineer

Software Engineer with 7+ years of experience in Web and Desktop applications. Excellent communicative skills in Spanish and English. Analyst, Full Stack Developer, Database Designer and Project Manager

Previously worked at:

Msc. Carlos Arce

Msc. Carlos Arce

Marketing Specialist/Consultant in Spanish

Passionate about Strategic Marketing and Corporate Brands. His mission is not only to help the company grow, but to show us how.

With more than 5 years of experience in the area of PR, Commercial and Marketing, Carlos collaborates with business decision makers to position their corporate brand and strengthen links with their target audiences. Main Language: Spanish

Previously worked at:


Osvaldo Aguilar

Osvaldo Aguilar

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Computer Science Engineer working in software development for more than 10 years, enthusiastic and passionate for web development and software architecture. Currently working in a big micro service ecosystem at ShareNow and Daimler Mobility Service (nodejs, open api, rabbit, kubernetes, aws, testing, among others)

Previously worked at:

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Victor Barzana

Victor Barzana

Senior Software Engineer & Team Leader

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Formed as Gold Title Software Engineer since 2012. Always learning, loves challenges, sparking innovation.  Main stack: JavaScript, Nodejs, React, Ionic Framework, ExtJS Expert, MongoDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, PHP, among others.

Previously worked at:

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Our Partners

Milzer Solutions

Since 2015 our CEOs work together sharing knowledge, expertise, participating in conferences. Milzer Solutions is located in Stolberg, Germany and is officially Codegenio’s #1 Technological Partner. Together we bring Software Engineering for our customers to a highest level of TRUST.

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